Grace English

Speaking Topics

1- Turning Your Pain into Peace

What trauma or pain have you experienced that you are still carrying and burying? Do you feel it is too much for you to handle sometimes? Friend, I have been there and know how you feel. My trauma was choosing to end my unborn baby’s life through abortion. That decision led me to struggle with poor choices that led to strongholds that only made the weight of my sin even more unbearable.

But GOD, He made a way for me to break through this deep loss & pain. Invite me to hear how He has brought beauty from my ashes. Jesus can do this for you too no matter what you have been through in your life. Will you trust Him to do this for YOU?

2- Stuck & Unstuck

So is there a secret habit or sin you keep going back to? Do you find yourself back in that pit and you don’t understand why you keep falling back into that unhealthy stronghold that could ultimately destroy your life? Is it an addiction to drugs, alcohol, food, pain meds, work, porn, etc.? Did you know that you are simply masking the pain from your past with these unhealthy behaviors?

Come learn how to get UNSTUCK and walk on the path of freedom and deliverance from these strongholds! Learn how to shatter the strongholds or the strongholds will ultimately shatter you!

3- Abortion’s Impact on the Human Heart

I was deceived by society thinking that abortion was the answer to my unplanned pregnancy. Thinking it was legal, I thought it was “OK” & it wouldn’t lead to any long-term negative emotional consequences. Oh how I was wrong!

The truth behind abortion & how it impacts the human heart is real & painful. Our pro-abortion culture doesn’t talk openly about the long-lasting negative consequences when one chooses to end the life of their baby through abortion.

Healing from one’s past abortion is necessary and only possible through the healing power of Jesus Christ. I know this firsthand as Jesus has done this in my life and & I have seen Him do this in many women & men’s lives around the world.

4- God Who Does The Impossible!

How does God take one woman’s story of how she chose to abort her first child and then uses that story to change her heart so that He can begin a ministry that helps women and men all over the world heal from their past abortions? That is my story of how CARE (Christ-centered Abortion Recovery & Education) got started!

How does God take one couple’s love for medical missions and birth it into a state-wide regional non-profit medical and dental clinic that ministers and takes care of our uninsured population’s needs? That is our story (John & mine) of how Bethesda Health Clinic was started.

God can birth His dream even from our poor choices as He is a God of redemption & uses our brokenness to bring His purpose for our world. He is a God that honors your very heart’s desire no matter if it seems to be the impossible.


Dr. Grace English is a gifted speaker that connects with her audience. She is sensitive but bold sharing the truth of God's Word along with relevant teaching to help her audience get real so they can heal! I highly recommend her!

BJ Garrett 

Author, Speaker 

Bullard, Texas

“Grace English is a woman with a huge heart for healing the hurts that hold women back. She has walked the road, picked herself up, and is now running the race with endurance. What I love most about Grace is that she realizes God has given her grace and mercy and she never takes it for granted. Grace will touch your heart and warm your soul when you choose her to speak to your audience.”

Tammy Whitehurst 

Speaker, Author, and Co-director of the Christian Communicators Conference.

Dr. Grace, For over 15 years Linda and I have had the privilege to know and work alongside you. You have faithfully served as our family physician, confidant and special friend. Through the years, you have not only been committed to all the above but have stayed faithful to each one of the responsibilities God has called you to.

Several months ago, you asked that I pray regarding what the Lord was birthing into your spirit, stating “I feel God is calling me into a ministry of deliverance”. As you were sharing, I got it! Reflecting on your extensive background in the medical field, coupled with your balanced Christ-walk, you are a perfect fit for the assignment! I pray a special anointing be yours as you bring renewed relevancy to 2nd Corinthians 10:4. “For the weapons of our warfare are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds”. 

Yours for the journey,

Dr. James Dill Founding 

President & CEO of Shepherd's Heart Ministry 

Tyler, Texas

Dr. Grace English has a unique perspective on abortion. Her training told her abortion was a medical procedure, but her heart told her it was something more. Dr. Grace takes abortion to the heart and exposes the wound that medicine cannot cure. Only God can heal a broken heart. Dr. Grace leads those struggling from an abortion, into forgiveness, and freedom that restores and redeems abortion loss.

Beverly Kline 

Founder Living Alternatives, Inc. 

Lindale, Texas

It has been our privilege and blessing to work with Dr. Grace English in many ministry endeavors. She has been an encouragement as she confronts each of us living in a very discouraging world – internationally and locally. Seeing her translate the challenges from her own personal life with her powerful testimony of the healing touch of Christ, she reflects and speaks of God’s grace and freedom in difficult life situations.

Ron and Beth Wells 

Centrepoint Ministries 

Tyler, Texas

Too many of us who struggle with pain just want to get relief, when what we most need is to get real. That’s why I deeply value and recommend the wisdom of Grace English. She knows from both personal experience and professional expertise that the way out of pain is back through the pain—to use it as a springboard into insight, recovery, healing, and hope. Her message will inspire you to entrust your worst wounds to the God who provides as much grit as He does grace.

Bill Hendricks 


The Giftedness Center, and Executive Director for Christian Leadership,

The Hendricks Center at Dallas Theological Seminary

Dallas, Texas